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One of the UK's largest School Furniture manufacturers is on the brink of going bust, so what does this mean for the Summer ordering frenzy? One thing is for sure, deliveries are not going to get any better this year despite reassurances you will get from any supplier who says they have addressed their... continue reading
21st May 2015
Education School Furniture save money with The Buying Agency
Did you know...The Buying Agency will source the same products that you require from one of our Member Suppliers at a fraction of the cost you currently pay. Put us to the test, our service is Free to use for all UK Schools. Don't compromise on quality, just save on the price.
7th May 2015
Cheap A4 Copier Paper The Buying Agency
Excel Office Supplies are offering one of the cheapest A4 Copier Paper Prices in the UK, please see our Exclusive Offers section for details.
5th May 2015
GoPak Folding Tables and Benches from The Buying Agency
Give us your enquiry for all GoPak folding tables & benches as we've just saved one School 13%. We don't call that unlucky!!
27th April 2015
The Buying Agencys knowledge can save you money
Call it fate or a stroke of luck but The Buying Agency picked up an early enquiry from a Wiltshire school and saved them over £350.00 on an order for Display Systems. In this game knowledge is not only power but very cost effective.
20th April 2015
Our Team of Buying Experts are constantly checking prices on products for what we consider to be the Best Buys in the market place. If we believe your company has a product of interest we will contact you and offer you the opportunity to advertise this product with us. Alternatively, if you feel you have... continue reading
25th February 2015
To become a Supplier Member only costs £295 +VAT per Year. (That's equivalent to just 80p per day) Your company will benefit from regular email alerts with information on large Tenders from our Public Sector Buyers for your products. We will then forward your offer to the Buyer who may contact you to... continue reading
23rd February 2015
We are overwhelmed by the massive response to our rebranding and the new way we are now working. Thank you all for your encouraging comments and keep watching this space. Launch date is soon!!
16th February 2015
The Buying Agency is changing the way it works. Not only will we showcase your selected products but we will introduce your company profile to over 25,000 Public Sector Buyers. It doesn't get much better than that!!
2nd February 2015