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School Furniture Buyers Guide Out Now

School Administrators, School Bursars, Finance Directors and all those in charge of buying School Furniture for Nursery, Primary, Secondary Schools, Academies, Colleges and Universities are faced with an important responsibility; to provide the best possible environment for students. But that is not the only consideration is it? There is also finding furniture which falls within budget and suits the individual needs of the establishment. Students spend a large proportion of their time sat on School Furniture writing, reading, learning and relaxing so it is important that the furniture is up to the job.

Style and design should be considered, as well as the durability of the furniture and whether it is available in the quantity that you need. It is a fact that most furniture retailers will struggle to fulfil a school-sized order due to variety of items required.
These days School Halls need to be multi-functional for day to day activities which may include assemblies, PE and drama. School Halls also need to be transformed into a dining areas at lunch time. The most practical Furniture must therefore be light, portable & usually folding and store in the minimum of space when not in use. As recognised by the School Food Trust, the Dining Room and School lunch tables must also be bright and attractive to not only encourage the take up of School meals but also to ensure that plates are emptied by the pupils.

Gopak manufacture the perfect range of lightweight folding tables and are the preferred School Furniture choice for the majority of local educational authorities. Folding tables are currently available in a selection of designs, details of which can be obtained through The Buying Agency. For the best prices in the UK, give us a call 01803 607440.